May 2019 News

May 18

Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota is seeking foster parents for children and youth in need.

Changes in child welfare practices and the rise of parental drug abuse have contributed to the increased need for foster families. According to the Minnesota Department of Human Services, on an average day there were approximately 10,050 children in foster care in Minnesota in 2018, up from 9,900 the previous year.

April 2019 News

Apr 24

As Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota (LSS) continues to grow its nutrition services to meet the changing needs of older adults and other Minnesota neighbors, it introduced three new service names today. “LSS Meals” is replacing “LSS Senior Nutrition” as the overarching name for all of Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota’s food-based services. Their community dining sites across the state will now be called “LSS Bistro,” and the nonprofit’s meals delivered at home with the help of volunteers will be known as “LSS Meals on Wheels.”

Apr 12

Traditional banking doesn't work for everyone. Often called unbanked or underbanked, these individuals use costly financial services, such as expensive check-cashing services or payday loans. Four nonprofits, including Lutheran Social Service, are working together to help break the cycle of paying exorbitant fees to access money and build wealth. Read more in the Spokesman Recorder.

Apr 10

Umoja is the Swahili word for unity. It’s also the name of a Minnesota program for transracial adoptive families — parents who have adopted children of a different race.

Billing itself as a camp, Umoja MN is a weekend retreat program primarily aimed at white parents of black children, educators and others seeking to help families learn how to talk about race and their children’s experience as people of color.

Apr 1

Last fall, Tonia Brinston was named one of the Twin Cities’ “Top Women in Finance” by Finance & Commerce newspaper.

She was a rare woman of color among honorees and she doesn’t work for a financial services or accounting firm. And she sure doesn’t boast a six-figure income.

However, Brinston has had an important impact in our community in recent years.

March 2019 News

Mar 25

CEO Jodi Harpstead was invited to talk with Dr. Charles Morgan on KMOJ Radio recently about the organization’s Anti-Racism Initiative, new work in urban areas with other community partners and its most recent statewide initiatives.

Mar 19

Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota is among providers statewide asking the Minnesota Legislature to provide more funding to increase pay for the essential work that direct support professionals and others provide to support people with disabilities. Disability service providers statewide are experiencing a staffing shortage and participated in a rally at the state capitol on March 12 to encourage legislators to address the issue.