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Cherish All Children can visit your church or organization to educate your group about preventing child sexual exploitation and trafficking. We offer presentations for both adult groups and youth or confirmation groups in Minnesota.

If you would like Cherish All Children staff to do a presentation, we ask for an honorarium to support our ministry. We also request that churches consider some form of annual funding for us to continue this work, whether through a budget line item, Mission of the Month, a special offering, or other creative method.

Adult Forums & Groups

Our adult presentations focus on the issue of exploitation and trafficking of youth, and what your group can do to prevent it. This may include an Introduction to Exploitation and Trafficking, or more specific topics such as Raising Healthy Boys and Young Men to End the Demand. 

My Neighbor is Not for Sale Discussion Guide

My Neighbor is Not for Sale is a four-part guide designed for your church or group to engage in together. Each session introduces you to a key topic to prevent child sexual exploitation, offers a Biblical response, and includes questions designed to promote meaningful discussion. You may wish to request a session at your church led by Cherish All Children. 

Youth & Confirmation Groups

Introduction to Exploitation and Trafficking

This presentation helps young people understand how exploitation occurs, recognize red flags in relationships and how to stay safe, both on- and offline. The video and youth discussion questions can be provided to your church youth leader, or Cherish All Children can lead it if you are in a Minnesota church.

Youth & Parent/Caregiver Presentation

This interactive presentation engages youth and their parents or caregivers in conversation about staying safe in both online and in-person relationships. We learn about sexual exploitation, understanding healthy vs. unhealthy relationships, red flags, vulnerabilities, and online safety measures. 

Not a Number Interactive Training

Not a Number is a five-session prevention curriculum designed for youth-serving organizations. It covers exploitation and trafficking, and empowers youth to identify healthy versus unhealthy relationships, and ways to stay safe. Each session is interactive, using engaging activities, video and conversation to accomplish the following:

  • Raise youths' awareness of exploitation and trafficking, learning how to recognize recruitment tactics and understand vulnerabilities.
  • Challenge the ways culture and society contribute to exploitation, dating abuse, sexual violence, and trafficking, including the pressures of social media and gaming culture.
  • Identify healthy vs. unhealthy relationships and recognize red flags and early signs of risk for abuse and exploitation.
  • Develop skills to safely navigate potential and existing exploitative situations, and identify healthy support systems.

Get Started

If you or your group are in Minnesota and are interested in having us present, please contact us. We can answer any questions you have, discuss presentation topics and determine the best date for your group.

If you are in another state, we encourage you to use the My Neighbor is Not for Sale discussion guide to educate your group and begin to engage in prevention.

To find youth and parent resources provided by the organization that developed Not a Number youth training, visit www.love146.org. This includes an online safety guide and much more.