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Kids Resiliency Program

Kids & Youth Resiliency Services

Based in Baxter, Princeton and St. Cloud, our Kids Resiliency and Girl holding books on top of her head.Youth Resiliency Services empower kids and youth by building on the skills they already have. Through coaching, counseling and peer connections, kids learn to overcome the challenges they face at home, school and in their communities.

Kids and youth in our resiliency service meet after school five days per week, spending their time learning individual and group skills, meeting with counselors and connecting with peers. Our services operate out of a house in the community and are designed so that kids feel like they’re “coming home” from school every day.

Since parent/guardian involvement is instrumental in their children’s success, our Kids Resiliency and Youth Resiliency Services also support parents and guardians. Through family therapy and parent education, our staff provides tools to help foster a healthy and encouraging home environment.

To join or learn more, we encourage you to connect with us:

  • Kids Resiliency Service, Baxter | Grades 5-8 | 218.297.2020
  • Kids Resiliency Service, St. Cloud | Grades 6-12 | 320.529.9357
  • Kids Resiliency Service, Princeton | Grades 5-8 | 763.220.5358