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LSS homes are centered around the needs and activities of the people who live there.

Choices are central to the experience of living in one of our homes. Each bedroom becomes an expression of the individual themselves. Day-to-day routines reflect our efforts to incorporate each individual's hopes and dreams, offering them the opportunity to grow, learn and experience new things.


Individuals make a statement with their space. Choices involve how to decorate their own bedroom including color, personal touches, decorations, where items go and more. We also encourage residents to plan their day according to their own schedule and interests.

Individuals choose:

  • What meals are prepared and what time to eat
  • What activities fill their week
  • When to go to bed

Shared Living

Individuals have the opportunity to socialize with their roommates; many roommates become good friends. They may enjoy watching movies in the living room, preparing and eating meals together, playing board games, crafting — we encourage them to share their interests with others. Of course, they choose when and how much interaction they want to have with their housemates.

Safety and Accessibility

LSS homes are well-maintained to ensure a safe environment for those who live and work in the home. Homes are set up to meet the physical needs of the individuals that live there. Some of the homes have roll-in showers and hand rails in the bathrooms; other homes are fully accessible with ramps, front-loading washing machines and other accessibility features. American Disabilities Act standards are incorporated as a matter of best practice to provide fully-accessible housing when possible.

Community Residential Services (CRS) homes are licensed through the Minnesota Department of Human Services and county Community Residential Settings licensing. LSS inspects all CRS homes on a regular basis to assure that they meet or exceed all regulatory requirements of the Adult Foster Care rule.


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