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Personal Representative of the Estate

Personal Representative of the Estate

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Honoring Your Wishes and Directives

A Personal Representative of the Estate is the person or organization you choose to settle your estate and carry out the requests outlined in your will.

Settling an estate is a complex and lengthy process that often takes 12-18 months.

It will involve:

  • Taking an inventory of assets 
  • Collecting money owed to the estate 
  • Paying expenses and debts 
  • Filing tax returns 
  • Filing required court documents 
  • Distributing remaining assets to heirs 

Make Your Own Choices 

When you choose LSS to act as your Personal Representative, you can rest assured we will honor your wishes and directives.

Individuals will often designate LSS as their agent for the following reasons: 

  • Family members do not live in Minnesota
  • They don’t want to saddle family members with the added responsibility 
  • They want to avoid family conflicts or perceived favoritism
  • They identify LSS as a back-up (secondary designee) should the spouse or other primary designee not be able to carry out the responsibilities when needed 

Live with Peace of Mind 

By designating LSS as your Personal Representative of the Estate you can live with peace of mind knowing we will be here when you need us. Your wishes, your choices and your values will be honored.  

  • Trustworthy: 150 years of serving and supporting Minnesotans 
  • 30 + years of Fiduciary Services, Power of Attorney, Personal Representative of the Estate, Guardianship / Conservatorship 
  • Bonded and Insured to protect your interests 
  • Time-tested financial and reporting systems to assure compliance and accuracy 

To get started or make a referral please fill out and email an LSS Referral Form. Please submit the completed form to protectyourassets@lssmn.org or fax to 651.227.2797.


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