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Help Support Refugees

There are many ways you can make a direct difference and positively impact the life of refugee families.

Circle of Welcome:

Provides an opportunity for your faith or community group to walk with a refugee family to provide friendship and support. With care and support, you can help refugees rebuild their lives and become established more quickly.

Direct Action Team:

Every time we have a one-time donation or action need — such as setting up an apartment, contributing a microwave, or donating a bicycle for a child – we email our Direct Action Team. We have a *new* Facebook Group where our Volunteer Services Team can post donation or action needs, and team members can respond directly to those posts if they are able to help. This is a great way to make direct and immediate impact. Join us and become a member of our Direct Action Team. Email Refugee.Services@lssmn.org with any questions.

In-kind Opportunities:

Faith communities are often interested in organizing special drives for items we need. Being able to help refugees save even a few dollars through in-kind donations makes a critical difference in their first few months here. Because our donation needs vary from month to month, please email us to learn what our greatest need is right now. You can also visit our online registry and general wish list page. 

Thrivent Action Teams:

If you or someone on your volunteer team is a Thrivent Financial member, you can apply for a $250 Community Impact Card through Thrivent Financial that you can use to support our work with refugees! To be eligible, you are invited to lead a volunteer team in a one-time fundraiser, service activity or educational event that can be completed within 90 days. Learn more.


Organizations like LSS rely on volunteers and philanthropic support to carry out this work. Congregations, businesses, foundations, civic groups and community volunteers all play a vital role in helping us carry out our mission to inspire hope, change lives and build community. Please make a contribution today to help a refugee family.

refugee children

Moo Na thought she would spend the rest of her life inside the refugee camp, a settlement of bamboo homes made from bamboo trees and tea leaves, and where food distribution was carefully rationed. After nearly two decades, she and her husband, whom she met as a child in the refugee camp, received, what she calls, the happiest news of their lives: their family had been chosen to be resettled in the United States of America. Read their story.


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