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Available Host Home Providers

Host Homes are a great option for individuals looking for some independence in community with a healthy dose of family-style support. We carefully screen and select Host Home providers, all of whom are licensed foster care providers. Matches are based on mutual interests and compatibility. Our experienced team provides ongoing support and supervision — so everyone feels comfortable and supported.

A Host Home provider may be an individual, a couple or a family with children. What they all have in common is their commitment to opening their homes and hearts to welcome a person with disabilities into their family.

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Aitkin County
Zachary is a young man surrounded by love. His parents decided to give him the chance to have his own home, allowing him to move out like his peers. Zach’s one-level home is in Aitkin, Minnesota, and has a beautiful deck surrounded by trees and wildlife.
Anoka County
We are Feyeso and Kamerya, and our family lives in Blaine, Minnesota. We have a nice, split-level home with a large yard in a quiet neighborhood. We can confidently welcome somebody into our home and will do our best to help that person in realizing their dreams, whatever those may be.
Chippewa County
We are Kyle and Caroline Chan, and we live in a spacious ranch-style home in Kerkhoven, MN. We have three children, and our home is on 12 acres in the country, surrounded by corn fields, groves of trees and other natural barriers that exemplify the beauty of country living. We would love the opportunity to offer a new child the attention, positivity and care that we share with one another as a family.
Dakota County
We are Bishe and Nedi, and we are blessed with a large, multi-level home in Rosemount, Minnesota. It is about 20 minutes south of the Twin Cities. We share this home with our two young boys, as well as Nedi's father, but we have room for more! Our family believes in the power of prayer, and it brings us much peace. We also believe in togetherness and the importance of self-care. We are here to support you with your dreams and goals.
Grant County
We are Lisa and Mark Olson, and we are excited to open our home to someone in need. Having both been involved in education, we are ready to open our home and support someone by each putting our best foot forward. We have the ability to support a person and wish to make the transition as easy as possible.
Hennepin County
My name is Joyce Hawkins, and I am excited to welcome somebody into a supported sanctuary in the heart of the city. For the greater part of my life, I have supported individuals with disabilities on both a personal and professional level.  I have worked as a House Coordinator for LSS for many years and am now ready to take my career to the next level, by using my blessings and skills to help somebody achieve their goals and dreams.
Itasca County
Samantha is kind-hearted and always looking out for the people in her life. She’s excited to welcome someone into her family home near Grand Rapids to support her with daily living needs and activities.
Morrison County
We are Melissa and Jeremy Urbanska, and we are ready to support someone and welcome them to our family. We live in a quiet neighborhood in Royalton, Minnesota. We have supported family members with disabilities. We would love to help whoever moves in to reach their goals, and we will plan activities to help achieve them.
Otter Tail County
We are Adam and Megan Hermanson, and we are opening our home in Parkers Prairie, Minnesota. We live in a tri-level home in a quiet neighborhood, with walking trails close by. We make a point to get together for family dinners, play games and just enjoy each other's company. We love to spend time outdoors, both in the warmer and winter months.
Pope County
We have cared for more than 80 children in our decade of foster parenting, and we are ready to support the physical, medical and emotional needs of any child who needs a loving home.
Wright County
We are Rhonda and Roger Lemmon, and we are ready to invite a new member into our family. It is our hope that, by becoming Host Home providers, we would be able to encourage someone to promote their own best health, happiness, and fulfillment. Life experience has helped us discover more about our roles as teachers, mentors and people. This gives us confidence that we will be able to support our next resident to make healthy personal choices, further their independence, and enjoy their life to the fullest.
Wright County
We are Jaime and Gary Plamann.  We have a passion for people and are excited to open our home to someone new. We live in a quiet neighborhood in Buffalo, Minnesota, that is only a few minutes from town. We are an active part of the disability community in Buffalo, as we own STRIVE Therapy Services Inc., which provides speech and occupational therapy services to individuals of all ages. We are happy to offer an opportunity for somebody to learn new skills and enjoy all that life has to offer.