February 2020 News

Feb 12

Bitter subzero temperatures are headed to the Twin Cities metro area Thursday.

There will be a huge temperature swing in short period. It was about 32 degrees at 11 a.m. and the temperature will fall to a feels like temperature of about -30 degrees about 12 hours later. 

“A night like this when it’s this cold, we just have to make sure we are out here making sure everyone has what they need so they can stay safe,” said Natasha Oreskovich with Street Works.

Feb 7

new study from the University of Minnesota finds that at least 5,000 Minnesota youth have traded sex for food, money, alcohol, drugs, a place to stay or anything else of value.

The data comes after the 2019 Minnesota Student Survey included the question for the first time.

The state conducts the voluntary survey of ninth and 11th graders in Minnesota every three years.

January 2020 News

Jan 29

Bob and GailThief River Falls Resident Bob Loken provides care for his partner, Gail Hjelle, who was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s disease nearly five years ago. He assists her with daily tasks including getting ready in the morning, remembering medications and sitting down for meals.

Jan 10

Some people have good-luck charms or keepsakes that mean a lot to them. For Anoka teenager Sam Hanks, it’s a bracelet he always wears — a token from a summer camp for kids who’ve sustained burn injuries.

After attending the camp for three years, 15-year-old Hanks is about to age out of Camp RED, but he’s sending other kids there thanks to $5,000 from a fundraising event he organized in November.

Jan 3

Danny Demery has a biological mother, an adoptive mother and a foster mother, Danielle Anderson. Anderson is the only one Demery calls “mom.”

Demery, 22, has been in and out of Anderson’s north Moorhead home since he was a baby. Though he’s “termed out” of the foster system, he remains there under an agreement Anderson has with his parents.

“It’s the only home that I've ever had ... considering that a home is loving and caring,” he said.

Jan 1

The Results Innovation Lab from Lutheran Services in America (LSA) is equipping leaders to improve health, safety, stability and education for 20,000 at-risk youth by 2024. The lab employs a group-learning model in which participants develop new approaches for achieving results and engaging partners in their work.

“Through intense, interactive trainings with outside experts, Results Innovation Lab is providing participants with the skills to foster stakeholder relationships and create strategic partnerships,” said Charlotte Haberaecker, president and CEO of LSA.