November 2022 News

Nov 23

How You Can Help Youth on their own who are experiencing homelessness are less visible in our community. Most are sleeping on a friend's couch, in their cars, or camping in tents for shelter -- which can be lonely and scary. This holiday season, tune in to the KTIS Radio interview with Karen Kingsley at LSS to learn how LSS is reaching out and supporting these youth and what you can do to help.

Nov 21
Most Americans start their holiday shopping by October 31. Depending on which source you consider, the average American household spends somewhere between $1,000 and $1,500 on the holidays — a figure that includes gifts, food, outfits, events, and dining out. With higher inflation this year, it’s a good time to start thinking about holiday spending decisions to avoid stress caused from overspending, said Shannon Doyle, financial education program manager for LSS Financial Counseling, a service of Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota.
Nov 15

"We are all susceptible to scams and fraud," said Shannon Doyle, program manager of Financial Education for LSS Financial Counseling. What warning signs should you look for from someone who is seeking to access your personal or financial information online? Tune in to Shannon's interview on KTIS Radio to learn more about how to keep yourself safe online.

Nov 15
For children, the emotional impact of disasters last long after cleanup has ended, and rebuilding has begun. To help children recover from the devastating tornadoes in December of 2021, Camp Noah received a generous grant from the American Red Cross to bring hope and healing to children living in tornado-impacted communities in Kentucky, Arkansas and Tennessee through a day camp filled with music, games, and fun.
Nov 11

Tasha Moulton, senior program manager at The Reach, a program of Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota in Mankato, shared the program's holiday wish list to support youth experiencing homelessness that they serve. The wish list includes hygiene items, warm hats and mittens and socks. Tune in to the KEYC-TV report to learn more about The Reach and how you can help.

October 2022 News

Oct 27
Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota’s Host Homes connects providers, who offer support in a nurturing, family-style setting, with individuals with identified needs. For 29-year-old Rosa, Janet and Ron Nordby immediately felt like her perfect match and have been for the last 10 years. Lutheran Social Service works with families who want to open their home to a person with identified needs, by offering support, training and administrative functions, so that they can really be a family and focus on providing the support needed by the person they're living with.
Oct 25
November is National Family Caregiver’s month—a time dedicated to recognizing all the hard work and support that family caregivers offer to their friends and loved ones. Caregiving can be difficult, and caregivers often need a much-deserved break. Even just a few hours alone can make a big difference. LSS is seeking Caregiver Support & Respite Volunteers to provide family caregivers this much-needed break to relax, re-charge, practice self-care and reduce isolation.