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Housing Compliance Services

When you work with Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota (LSS), we partner with you to maintain accurate and complete records and submit reports in a timely manner.

We provide family support services and help you complete the paperwork necessary to maintain compliance. For every four units of affordable housing, MN Housing recommends offering tenants eight hours per week of support services. Here’s how we help:

  • Determine tenant long-term homeless eligibility
  • Collect household information and enter it into MN Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) and submit required reports
  • Maintain tenant files, including a signed Government Data Practices Act Disclosure Statement
  • Collect and maintain records pertaining to support services and submit required reports to MN Housing
  • Meet regularly with property manager to discuss our collaborative work
  • Submit annual property inspections and questionnaire working with property management

Lutheran Social Service of MN (LSS) is a leader in providing support services to households experiencing long-term homelessness and is an approved provider of housing support services by the MN Housing.

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