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We meet youth where they are and accept them for who they are. Without judgment.

Youth Outreach provides youth with resources and guidance to make safer choices and support them in next steps on the path to stability. We provide referrals to shelter, housing, employment, mental health services and other resources that youth may be looking for. Outreach workers are also able to supply youth with sanitary products, bus tokens, safer sex products, warm hats and gloves, and other basic supplies.

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If you, or someone you care about, needs assistance, please call 612.354.3345.

StreetWorks Collaborative

Youth Outreach is a member of the StreetWorks Collaborative and supports coordinated and consistent outreach throughout the Twin Cities Metro Area to assure all youth in need can access safe resources. Outreach workers are not on the streets to “change” youth, but rather to answer questions, provide resources and supplies, and to assist youth in accessing services in a quick and respectful manner. The shared goal of all members of the StreetWorks Collaborative is to support the development of trusting relationships in which youth feel genuine care and concern that will support them to exit life on the streets.

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