Local Foster Parents Hope More Families Answer the Call to Help

Thursday, May 30, 2019

According to the Minnesota Department of Human Services, approximately 185 children each week go into foster care. Becoming a foster parent starts with the commitment to ensure the children will be loved and taken care of.

"The plan was that we wanted to eventually adopt and we had ages and things we really wanted and then as we get calls you just feel the calling,” says Cullen Kennedy. “You don't want to say no, you take whatever the need is, you want to give them the opportunity."

"Being a foster parent is hard,” says Candy Picka with Lutheran Social Services. “It’s not an easy thing for families to take on so I give our families a lot of credit for all that they do they really are in this for the right reasons. They love, they care for these kids, they want what's best for these children and help them get back with their biological families that is always the goal. We do have a lot of children that are reunited with their biological families, we have kids that are also adopted, either within our foster families or through other adoptive families as well."

Lutheran Social Services of Minnesota, a statewide program with regional support, helped the Kennedy family in their journey.

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