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My Neighbor is Muslim Study

My Neighbor is Muslim StudyMy Neighbor is Muslim book cover

“My Neighbor is Muslim” is a 7-week study and discussion guide designed to provide an introduction to Islam, promote cultural understanding and encourage interfaith dialogue. To create this resource, Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota worked in partnership with Dr. Todd Green at Luther College, Imam Hassan Ali Mohamud with the Minnesota Da’wah Institute and Islamic Dawah Center in St. Paul and faculty of Luther Seminary in St. Paul.

This resource was created primarily to help those who are not Muslim to develop a basic understanding of the Muslim faith, learn how we can be culturally sensitive and get to know our new neighbors in Minnesota who are Muslim. Minnesota is seeing some changing demographics due to an increase in recent arrivals of Muslim immigrants and refugees, and resources like these can help us build positive relations with people who come from different faith traditions and increase our understanding of cultural differences.

Study materials were created in response to pastors in the St. Cloud community who requested a resource that would provide accurate information about foundations of the Muslim faith. Our intention is simply that this resource will open doors, minds and hearts and help to dispel stereotypes and myths about Muslim neighbors just enough to start more conversations.

My Neighbor is Muslim Study

My Neighbor is Muslim Youth Curriculum