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Education & Groups

Education & Support Groups for Families

Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota provides education and support groups for families to assure they have resources available to them that will facilitate a successful future.

Caregiver Support

Helping caregivers provide quality care for their loved ones, while maintaining a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

Foster Parent Education

Learn about training and resources available to you as a LSS Foster Parent.

Kinship Education & Support Groups

Kinship education helps family caregivers find resources on financial, health care, education and legal issues. We also provide individual consultation, family circle conferences, online training, information about legal options and kinship caregiver support groups.

Mental Health Support

Parenting Education & Support

Support groups and educational opportunities help parents learn effective parenting strategies to improve relationships, maintain stability and keep children safe.

Sexual Health Education (SELF)

A pregnancy prevention program for youth that provides comprehensive sexuality education to promote healthy sexuality, communication and decision-making skills.

Teen Parents Program

A supportive group for youth ages 21 or younger providing guidance to achieve success within a family context.

Youth Leadership Council

As a current or former foster youth, you can become a voice for other foster youth. Join our Youth Leadership Council to promote and educate about the foster care system and work for positive change.