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High School Students Serve as Peer Educators on Sexual Health and Life Goals

We train high school students to become Peer Educators who talk with classmates about sexual health and their goals for the future.

Our primary goals:

  • Provide youth with medically-accurate and culturally-appropriate information regarding sexual health so they can encourage their peers to reduce risk behaviors
  • Foster self-confidence and leadership through education and skill-building
  • Empower students to learn good decision-making skills and apply what they have learned to their sexual health and other aspects of their life

Young people are constantly bombarded with messages about sex and sexuality through the media, family members and peers. These messages often conflict with one another.


While parents and caregivers are primary sexual health and values educators for their children, studies show that peers can also have a powerful influence on the physical health and social behavior of their classmates.

We train Peer Educators on:

  • Sexual health
  • Sexually transmitted infection (STI) prevention
  • Healthy relationships
  • Pregnancy prevention
  • Communication skills
  • Decision-making

Our Peer Educators use a variety of formats to share this information with their classmates. They include “informal teach backs,” or short conversations with a small group of people, through whatever medium they feel most comfortable. Sometimes they also give more formal presentations with larger groups of students. Youth receive compensation for the work they do.

Where and when we meet:

Location, date and time are still being determined.


Interested in developing a Peer Education Program at your school?

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