Disaster Recovery

Disaster Response & Recovery Services

Disaster Response

After a flood, tornado, fire or other disaster strikes the community is often left in an emergency situation – homes, businesses and jobs are lost. People are in great need of meeting basic needs: food, shelter, medical attention and safety. Often many agencies, nonprofits, faith-based, local and national, are prepared to lead the short-term disaster response.

However, it can take months, or even years, for a community to begin to regain a sense of normalcy. Individuals and families are often left to repair the economy, infrastructure and their emotional wellbeing on their own. Survivors are often mentally, financially and emotionally exhausted during this time and without support.

Disaster Recovery

Most of the work LSS does is long-term disaster recovery. We stand with Minnesota families as they pick up the pieces and rebuild their lives after initial recovery efforts end, and the response organizations go home.

LSS Disaster Recovery Services include long-term disaster case management, rebuild assistance, mental health supports, financial counseling, Camp Noah (for elementary school children impacted by disaster) and other related services.

We partner with Lutheran Disaster Response and other organizations to bring help, hope and healing.

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How You Can Help

Long-term recovery work is vital to rebuilding homes and communities devastated by disaster. LSS coordinates contributions and resources from those who wish to help care for the needs of those impacted by disasters. Stand with your neighbors in their time of need and let them know they’ve not been abandoned.

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Send check donations to:
Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota, ATTN: Disaster Services
SDS 12-2054
PO Box 86
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Thank you for your generosity. Your support gives families hope.

Services for Disaster Recovery

Camp Noah

Camp Noah teaches recovery skills to children who have experienced a disaster.

Community Success Stories

Hear stories from members of our community who experienced disaster. While receiving support from Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota Disaster-Recovery services, these individuals were able to find strength to rebuild their homes.

Support for Impacted Communities

LSS offers long-term support to communities and families impacted by disaster., Disaster case management, construction management, and camps for kids are just a few of the ways we lead recovery efforts.