Housing & Assistance

Housing Provides Stability in People’s Lives

Housing is a first priority in our lives. We all need stable housing to develop roots in the community, maintain job stability and help our children nurture long-term success in school. We provide housing services and support to help youth, adults, people with disabilities, families, older adults and veterans live healthier and more satisfying lives. We also work with housing developers and property owners to provide safe and stable housing for people we serve.

If you are homeless or you do not have stable housing, the first step is to reach out to your county’s Coordinated Entry System contact. Coordinated Entry is a statewide screening process to assess your needs and connect you to a provider that can help. We serve people referred through Coordinated Entry in the Twin Cities, St. Cloud and Brainerd communities. If you need support in one of these areas, please see this list of Coordinated Entry System contacts.

If you need rent or utility assistance, our Prevention Program provides direct financial assistance to households when funding is available. Check out our page for a list of available funding and to see if you qualify. Email preventionassistance@lssmn.org with any questions or to be referred to another organization for financial assistance.

Services for Housing & Assistance

Assistance & Eviction Prevention

We provide direct financial assistance to households that are behind on mortgage, rent and utilities. We can also connect people in a housing crisis with other resources they need.

Housing Support Services

We offer transitional and long-term housing options for individuals, veterans, people with disabilities, youth and families to regain stability and avoid homelessness. We also provide housing support services designed to ensure families achieve self-sufficiency.

Affordable Housing

Lutheran Social Service of MN offers affordable housing options in the Minneapolis - St. Paul metropolitan area where families pay no more than 30 percent of their annual income towards rent or mortgage.

Housing Developers

We work with housing developers in the Twin Cities to provide case management and supportive services to help tenants who have experienced homelessness maintain stability and achieve success.

Property Owners

We can help property owners fill vacancies quickly and develop positive working relationships with tenants when they partner with us.