The leadership team at Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota is dedicated to ensuring all people have the opportunity to live and work in community with full and abundant lives.

Interim Chief Executive Officer
Patrick Thueson became Interim Chief Executive Officer of Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota on September 3, 2019.
Vice President and Chief Development Officer
Christopher Beach became Vice President and Chief Development Officer in July 2015. As a key member of the senior leadership team, he is responsible for building financial resources to support greater organizational impact and visibility throughout Minnesota.
Executive Director, Altair-ACO

In 2013, George Klauser was named Executive Director of the Altair Accountable Care Organization (ACO), a new collaboration of seven disability, health and wellness partners including Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota.

Vice President and Chief Human Resource Officer

Joyce Norals has provided strategic direction for Human Resources at LSS since joining LSS in July, 2000. In her role she oversees staffing, compensation and benefits, organizational development and training, and employee relations for the organization and its 2,300 employees statewide.

Chief Service Officer

Named Chief Service Officer in July 2012, Jeri Schoonover leads development of new service and redesign initiatives and oversees delivery and service outcomes for Older Adults and People with Disabilities.

Vice President and Chief Family Services Officer

Maureen Warren became Vice President and Chief Family Services Officer for LSS in September 2013. She oversees mental health counseling, youth services, financial counseling, housing development and services, refugee services and the operations of the Center for Changing Lives in Minneapolis.

Board of Directors

Dr. Paul Dovre, Chair
Andrea Carruthers, Vice Chair
Nicole Griensewic Mickelson, Secretary
Dan Anderson, Treasurer
Bishop Thomas Aitken
Ross Allen
Matt Anderson
Rev. Mark Aune
Donna Bergstrom
Shirley Carter
Cindy Jesson
Ayan Musse
Dr. Rob Nesse
Bob Niedringhaus
Bishop Ann Svennungsen
Tom Seidelmann
Rev. Dee Pederson
Rev. Kari Williamson
Luke Winskowski

LSS Foundation Board of Trustees

Todd Sylvester, Chair
Michele Abbott, Vice Chair
Ann Beatty, Secretary
Peggy Stefan, Treasurer
Sonja Baertsch
Dr. Paul Dovre
Jodi Harpstead
Paul Jacobson
Kelly Kautz
Gwen Kuhrt
Dana Lonn
Russ Michaletz
Mark Peterson
Mike Ranum
Tom Seidelmann
Dan Thorson
Paul Tillquist
Luke Winskowski