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LSS Meals to Go

Delicious Homestyle Meals Shipped to Your Door

Fresh ingredientsLSS Meals to Go is a convenient frozen nutritious meal shipment service from Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota (LSS) that is available statewide. You can choose from our menu of meals and they will arrive right at your door. Plus, shipping is free! Our shipped meals are prepared and mailed frozen from the Hilltop Regional Kitchen in Eagle Bend, Minnesota.

With LSS Meals to Go, you can enjoy delicious, homestyle recipes without all the work. Each recipe is developed by a registered dietician and carefully portioned with a balance of proteins, carbohydrates and spices to both meet dietary needs and taste great.

This service is perfect for people experiencing food insecurities or living in rural areas without access to healthy meals. LSS Meals to Go is also great for individuals looking to try something new, delicious and convenient while supporting a local nonprofit.

What’s on the Menu?

We offer a wide variety of meal options prepared in Minnesota, including breakfast items. Adjusted meals are available for individuals with special dietary needs, such as those who are diabetic or require a reduced sodium or vegetarian diet.

View the LSS Meals to Go Menus

LSS Meals to Go foodEach shipment includes 14 frozen meals.

The cost for those meals is $125.99 (about $9 per meal including free shipping). You can expect your meals to arrive within 3 to 4 business days after we receive your payment.

The following waivers are accepted: Alternative Care (AC), Brain Injury (BI), Community Access for Disability Inclusion (CADI), Community Alternative Care (CAC), Development Disabilities (DD) and Elderly Waiver (EW).

View the LSS Meals to Go AC Waiver Menu

View the LSS Meals to Go BI Waiver Menu

View the LSS Meals to Go CADI Waiver Menu

View the LSS Meals to Go CAC Waiver Menu

View the LSS Meals to Go DD Waiver Menu

View the LSS Meals to Go EW Menu

The cost of 14 frozen meals through the waivers are billed at the current federal or state rates established for that waiver. However, shipping is free!

Social service case workers can download our LSS Meals Referral Form (PDF) and submit it via fax to 218.236.0836. If you have any questions about waiver payment please email us.

LSS Meals to Go will then arrive at your door frozen in thermal packaging to keep them cold. They should be placed in your freezer as soon as possible and can stay frozen until you are ready to thaw, reheat and enjoy them. 

Place an Order Today

You can get started in two ways:

  1. Order online
  2. Or download one of our order forms:

Completed forms can be returned by:

  • Email: meals@lssmn.org
  • Fax: 877.565.3171
  • Submit to your community health worker
  • Mail:
    LSS Meals
    3101 S. Frontage Rd, Suite 100
    Moorhead, MN 56560


Email meals@lssmn.org or call toll-free at 877.287.0768, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m.–4:30 p.m.