Studies for Faith Communities

LSS offers a variety of downloadable, free studies for congregations to use in their ministry.



Rebuilding Bethany: An Investment in Future GenerationsRebuilding Bethany cover

An Advent Bible study inviting you into the season while connecting with the very real need of providing help and hope for our neighbors across Minnesota.


Adoption Month Study

Four-Week Conversation About Adoption

While November is National Adoption Month, anytime of the year is a good time to raise awareness about adoption. Many children need loving adoptive families. The goal of this study is to bring awareness to issues surrounding adoption and offer resources to those with an interest in adopting or supporting foster and adoptive families. The study is offered by Children's Home Society and Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota, organizations that are partners in adoption. 


my neighbor is not for sale coverMy Neighbor is Not for Sale

It has been a shock to so many of us to learn that what we used to call prostitution has been quietly replaced by an Internet-driven industry of luring kids into phony relationships, controlling them, and selling them in the sex trade right under our noses in communities everywhere. Utilizing our years of experience working with youth experiencing homelessness, LSS and others have offered “Safe Harbor” services in several communities that reach out to youth trapped in trafficking, help them escape the life, and support them in getting back into strong and healthy lives, utilizing our years of experience working with homeless youth.

Our affiliation with Cherish All Children adds a rich dimension of congregational outreach and education and a focus on helping our children and youth protect themselves from trafficking by teaching them to beware of the signals that they are being lured into the danger zone. It is our sincere hope that congregations will use this tool to become educated on this topic and see the needs in their own communities.


my neighbor is on medicaid coverMy Neighbor is on Medicaid

And It May Not Be the Neighbor I Think

Many Americans do not understand Medicaid and who is eligible for Medicaid services. As our population has aged, more and more seniors have “spent down” all their own assets, ending up with Medicaid support to pay for nursing home care in the last years of their lives. People born with disabilities, such as autism, depend almost entirely on Medicaid support throughout their lives for healthcare and social services. We couldn’t possibly make anyone an expert in these complex federal programs in a few pages, but our hope is to:

  • Remind Christians of God’s call to love older adults, people living with disabilities, families living in poverty, and children. 
  • Lay out a few basics from reliable sources of how Medicaid works and what “per capita caps” and “block-granting” means. 
  • Introduce Americans to some of their neighbors who are supported by the U.S. Medicaid program today.


And Who is My Neighborand who is my neighbor cover

Talking About Race and Racial Equity

The anti-Muslim sentiment we have confronted in Minnesota, the death of Philando Castile, George Floyd and others, and protests by Black Lives Matter, have served to shed light on racial tensions and disparities which call for better understanding of each other and a move toward constructive action.

We are offering a study on racial equity to congregations called And Who is My Neighbor? as a grace-filled entry into this conversation. This study was authored by Dr. Eric Barreto, professor at Luther Seminary when he started the work, now on the faculty of Princeton Theological Seminary in New Jersey. Respondents to Eric’s writing are five pastors of color in Minnesota – who don’t always agree with him. This guide also includes a sampler of video aids and experiential exercises on the subject from our own anti-racism training. It includes video stories by five people of different racial backgrounds associated with LSS. And it includes an appendix of further reading and next steps for consideration.


my neighbor is muslim coverMy Neighbor is Muslim

A Small Group Study Exploring the Muslim Faith

In response to questions and concerns about refugees being resettled throughout Minnesota, LSS has heeded the call of the pastors for a resource to spread accurate information about foundations of the Muslim faith.  In 2017, Minnesota resettled 1,623 refugees, the highest per capita in the country. Many of these new neighbors are Muslim. Because Minnesota has always had the reputation as a very welcoming state, we are sure to welcome more Muslim neighbors in the future.

“My Neighbor is Muslim” is a seven-week small group study with contributions from Luther College Professor Todd Green and commentary from faculty at Luther Seminary and LSS staff. Our intention is simply that this resource will open doors, minds, and hearts and dispel stereotypes and myths about Muslim neighbors just enough to start more conversations.


Not Even One NightNot Even one night cover

Exploring Youth Homelessness

To help you raise awareness among your congregation about youth homelessness, Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota has partnered with Luther Seminary professors to create a five-week Bible study.

Use it as a five-week adult education study, Lenten study and preaching aid, confirmation study, or any way that works best for your congregation.


Abundant Aging CoverAbundant Aging (PDF)

Living the Second Half of Your Life on Purpose

Our Abundant Aging materials are the result of uncovering an "assumption" that our congregations have great expectations of our confirmands and high school graduates for their participation in and contributions back to our communities. Yet when our neighbors reach elderhood in our culture – or as we have come to call it, "life after full-time work" – we have virtually no expectations of our elders.

We believe that older adults have a rich role to play in the community. Our book study and accompanying Abundant Aging illustration gives your congregation an opportunity to explore these questions and encourages individuals to design their own intentional elderhood.


Week Long Senior Nutrition Program for Vacation Bible School (PDF)

Senior Nutrition Program for Vacation Bible School

LSS Meals provides nutritious meals, social contact and support for individuals 60 years of age and older at Senior Dining Centers, Diners’ Clubs and with home-delivered meals. The recipients of these meals are asked to help cover the cost, but often times cannot afford to do so. Regardless of one’s ability to pay for these meals, no one is turned away from receiving them.

This four day study is written for elementary and middle school students participating in Vacation Bible School (VBS). It teaches children about food insecurity and how everyone can help a neighbor.


Safe and Healthy Relationships Youth and Leader's Guides

Safe and Healthy Relationships - Youth Guide

This four-session series is designed for middle school and high school youth groups to support them in gaining lifelong skills in both online and in-person relationships. The Leader's Guide provides detailed instructions for youth leaders, pastors or other church leaders to facilitate these four sessions. Cherish All Children is also available to support you in leading these sessions.