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Health Care Agency

Health Care Agent 

Ensuring Your Medical Care Decisions are Followed 

agencyYou can decide how to handle unanticipated medical situations by appointing a Health Care Agent. A Health Care Agent makes medical decisions for you if you become unable to  communicate them yourself. Medical situations can occur that we don’t anticipate. How to handle them when they do happen is your decision to make. 

Your Health Care Agent will follow your Health Care Directive to ensure your wishes and values are honored. As your Health Care Agent, LSS can assist you with the completion of your health care directive. 

It is important that your Health Care Agent knows your values and what quality of life decisions are important to you. 


Getting started is easy: 

  • Meet with your Health Care Agent and specify your wishes.  
  • Complete a Health Care Directive. This will guide decisions your Health Care Agent makes on your behalf. 

Your Health Care Agent will: 

  • Make medical decisions on your behalf any time you lose the ability to communicate them yourself, not just at the end of life. 
  • Advocate on your behalf with doctors and medical staff for the care you would choose for yourself. 
  • Communicate with family members and loved ones regarding your treatment decisions when they are acting on your behalf.

To get started or make a referral, please fill out and email a Health Care Agent Intake Form. Please submit the completed form to protectyourassets@lssmn.org or fax to 651.227.2797.


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