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Youth & Confirmation Groups

A powerful component of prevention is connecting directly with youth, to help them navigate the influences of culture and society, and have a safe space to talk about these topics in our churches.

We believe the church has a significant role to play in educating and equipping youth to make safe and healthy choices in relationships.

Presentations & Training

  • Introduction to Exploitation and Trafficking - This presentation helps young people understand how exploitation occurs, recognize red flags in relationships and how to stay safe both online and in person. It includes videos and discussion. The video and youth discussion questions can be provided to your church youth leader, or Cherish All Children can lead it if you are in a Minnesota church.
  • Youth & Parent/Caregiver Presentation - This interactive presentation engages youth and their parents or caregivers in conversation about staying safe in both online and in-person relationships. We learn about sexual exploitation, understanding healthy vs. unhealthy relationships, red flags, vulnerabilities, and online safety measures.
  • Not a Number Interactive Training - This curriculum is designed to teach youth information and skills, inspiring them to make safe choices when they encounter potentially exploitative situations and utilize healthy support systems to decrease their vulnerability. The five modules are interactive, using engaging activities, video, and conversation to accomplish the following:
    • Raise youths' awareness of exploitation and trafficking, learning how to recognize recruitment tactics and understand vulnerabilities.
    • Challenge the ways culture and society contribute to exploitation, dating abuse, sexual violence, and trafficking, including the pressures of social media and gaming culture.
    • Identify healthy vs. unhealthy relationships and recognize red flags and early signs of risk for abuse and exploitation.
    • Develop skills to safely navigate potential and existing exploitative situations, and identify healthy support systems.

Contact Joy McElroy at joy.mcelroy@cherishallchildren.org to schedule a training.

Visit www.love146.org to find nationwide resources for parents, caregivers and youth, an online safety guide and more.

Engage Youth in Action

  • Youth group in front of brick wall mural Watch a film together and discuss how youth in your community experience these challenges in their lives, and what actions they might take to make a difference. Access The Mask You Live In, MissRepresentation, Screenagers, and more in our Prevention Links section.
  • Race in the annual Cherish All Children 5K, or go to other local events together such as theater companies performing on this topic, or other activities that engage young people.
  • Host a social media safety training for youth and parents to come together.
  • Volunteer with an anti-trafficking organization or an organization supporting youth experiencing homelessness or other risk factors that may lead to exploitation. View LSS youth services volunteer opportunities
  • Hold a Cherish All Children fundraiser as a youth group.

We are so excited to partner with you to support raising healthy generations!