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Independence, well-being and strong relationships are central to our services for older adults. Whether it’s volunteering, enjoying a meal with friends or making financial decisions for the future, Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota offers a range of options across the state. We invite you to choose the design and delivery of services that best support the life you want to live.

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Services for Older Adults

Care Coordination Services

Through a partnership with health care plans, care coordinators work with individuals to promote access to services and resources that help them prevent future hospitalizations and stay healthy in their homes.

Caregiver Support & Respite

Support groups, respite care, counseling and classes help caregivers maintain a healthy balanced lifestyle while providing quality care for their loved ones.

Companion Services

Older adults living at home are visited in person or virtually by trained volunteers who offer friendship, transportation and support.

Foster Grandparent Volunteer

Older adult volunteers provide one-to-one support, mentorship, and friendship for and children and youth.

Supported Decision-Making and Guardianship Options

Services ensure the wellbeing of people who can no longer make personal and financial decisions, honoring their wishes now and in the future.

LSS Friendly Helper

LSS friendly helpers provide assistance and support with simple, daily tasks for older adults, age 65 years and older, through their supplemental benefits.

LSS Healthy Transitions

Offers coaching and support to assist patients for the first 30 days during a transition of care from a hospital or care facility back home.

Help in Your Home

From companionship services to hot meals, LSS offers a variety of services to help older adults remain active and independent in their homes. Learn about our home-based service options for older adults.

Kinship Family Support

Grandparents raising grandchildren find legal, financial and emotional support services, from workshops to adoption.

LSS Meals

We take the work out of healthy eating. LSS Meals offers many delicious meal options that are available to anyone statewide, and support older adults in living healthier, more active and independent lives.

Payroll & Fiscal Support

Consumer Directed Community Supports give older adults the choice, freedom and flexibility to direct care in their own homes.

Personal Finances & Estate Planning

LSS offers a wide range of services to help older adults achieve financial wellness and to protect financial assets. Services include estate planning, financial counseling and debt management, guardianship and conservatorship, pooled trust and more.

LSS Rural Aging Action Network Service

Providing free referrals for services including housing, nutrition, health care, socialization, and transportation so older adults can stay healthy, remain independent, and age in place in community.