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Veteran’s Caregiver Support

Caring for the Caregiver!

Caregiver SupportLutheran Social Service of MN Caregiver Respite services for veterans includes caregiver in-home counseling and coaching for immediate family members caring for veterans and/or veterans caring for their family members.

Personalized caregiver counseling and coaching services equip caregivers with the skills and tools needed to develop high quality caregiver skills while also taking care of their own needs.

Know you are not alone. Caregiving can exhaust your mental resources. We’re here to help.

You can find more information on Caregiver Coaching and Counseling through the Caregiver Support section of our website.

In addition to caregiver counseling and coaching for veterans and military families, LSS Caregiver Respite also provides more extensive caregiver support services throughout the state.

LSS Behavioral Health Services also offers a Veteran’s Caregiver Support group in St. Cloud.

MDVALutheran Social Service of MN Caregiver Respite Services has been awarded a grant from the Minnesota Department of Veterans Affairs to help veteran and military families throughout the state with contributions made through every purchase of a Support Our Troops License Plate.
Support Our Troops funds are being used by Lutheran Social Service of MN for providing Crisis Respite Services for immediate family members caring for Veterans and/or Veterans caring for their family members.