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Caregiver Support & RespiteCare Support

As a family caregiver, your well-being is as important as the care you provide.

Whether you need a break from your caregiving responsibilities to tackle your to-do list, resources to grow your caregiving skills, time to see friends and family, or a nap to recharge — we can step in. We also offer groups where you can connect with others in the same situation. 

LSS Caregiver Support & Respite services are also designed to support the older adult who receives care so that they can remain active, healthy and living in their own home as long as possible.

Become a Caregiver Support Volunteer

Change lives and make a difference by volunteering as a Caregiver Support Volunteer. Volunteers visit older adults at their homes and in the community for a few hours each week, allowing family caregivers to take a well-deserved break to run errands, rest and recharge.

Caregiver Coaching and Counseling

Our Caregiver Coaching and Counseling helps caregivers develop their caregiving skills, find available resources, and practice self-care to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Caregiver Support Groups

Our Caregiver Support Groups are a safe place for caregivers to discuss their experiences and share resources. Groups also provide caregivers with information, training, tools, and assist caregivers in building a supportive network. 

Classes and Workshops

Our Classes and Workshops are designed to provide essential skills, knowledge, and support for caregivers.

Emergency Care Planning

Our Emergency Care Planning offers caregivers peace of mind, by equipping them with a plan in case a crisis or emergency happens.

Gift Certificates

Give the gift of time by providing much-needed respite from the sometimes-overwhelming demands of caregiving. Caregiver Respite Gift Certificates can be purchased online.

Respite Care (Group Setting)

Our Group Respite Care provides a much-needed break for caregivers and an enjoyable outing for older adults, age 60 years and older, in a social group setting.

Respite Care (In-Home)

Our In-Home Respite Care provides a break for caregivers and a positive social interaction for the older adult needing care.

Services for Veterans

Our Services for Veterans are here to assist veterans, veterans caring for their family members, and immediate family members caring for veterans. Our services increase their caregiving skills, reduce isolation, offer breaks and support their overall well-being.

Technology Service

Our Technology Service is a caregiver's answer to connecting virtually to our services which can help them reduce stress, grow skills, join support groups, solve problems, access family mediation and more.

Telephone Reassurance

Ongoing phone check-ins provide a caring connection and support for caregivers at home and their loved ones.

Waiver Services

Our Waiver Services can be reimbursed via the Alternative Care (AC) Waiver, the Community Access for Disability Inclusion (CADI) Waiver, and the Elderly Waiver (EW).

Services are made possible with generous sponsorship from the Minnesota Department of Veterans Affairs (MDVA). Learn more at MinnesotaVeteran.org/SOT.



Caregiver Support & Respite

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