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Financial Advisors & Estate Planners

Financial Advisors & Estate Planners

We offer a range of services to assist those who need help managing certain aspects of their life to maintain independence with dignity. LSS financial and estate services include Guardianship and Conservatorship, Personal Representative of the Estate, Power of Attorney and Pooled Trust. We also recognize those who make a planned estate gift to LSS with membership in the Norelius Society.

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Estate Planning

Power of Attorney is a written, legal document appointing someone you trust to manage your practical, financial tasks when you are unable to do them yourself. This can include such things as paying bills, making bank deposits, managing investments and more.

Personal Representative of the Estate is the person or organization you choose to settle your estate and carry out the requests outlined in your will.

Learn more about our Power of Attorney and Personal Representative of the Estate Services.


Planned Giving

You can make a planned gift by designating LSS as a beneficiary of your last will and testament, charitable trust, life insurance policy or retirement plan.
Learn more about making an estate or planned gift to LSS.


Guardianship & Conservatorship Services

Guardians are court appointed individuals or organizations responsible for the well-being of a person who is unable to manage their own living, health or financial affairs.

Conservators are court appointed individuals or organizations responsible for managing the financial affairs of an individual who is no longer able to manage on their own.

Services are available in Minnesota and North Dakota.
Learn more about LSS Guardianship options.


Pooled Trust Services

An LSS Pooled Trust helps individuals with disabilities manage their financial assets and/or gifts to improve their quality of life while maintaining public benefits.

Services are available in Minnesota and North Dakota.
Learn more about LSS Pooled Trust.


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