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Strengthening Women and Men of Service and Their Families


Since 2008, Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota has partnered with the Minnesota Department of Veterans Affairs (MDVA) to support military members, veterans, and their families in maintaining their well-being through a program called C.O.R.E. (Casework, Outreach, Referral and Education).

The first program of its kind in the nation, C.O.R.E. provides free, confidential services statewide for eligible veterans, military members and their families. We also work with organizations in the community to de-stigmatize behavioral health issues.

Our Services

Behavioral Health Counseling

Our dedicated, trauma-trained staff have experience working with veterans, military members and their families. Several are veterans themselves. We believe our model of veterans serving veterans builds trust and resilience while supporting the healing process.

Services include:

  • Individual and Couple’s Counseling
  • Family Counseling and Support
  • Deployment and Reintegration Support
  • Diagnostic Assessment
  • Trauma-Focused Behavioral Therapy

Case Management

Whatever challenges you are facing, our case managers assess each individual’s situation. They create a personalized plan identifying beneficial services and resources found at LSS or through our large network of providers across the state. 

Financial Counseling

Financial counseling can help veterans, military members and their families strategize for a stable financial future. We offer expertise in budgeting, debt management, home buyer education and student loan counseling.

Homeless Initiative

Our Behavioral Health and Housing Services partner together to offer options for short- and long-term shelter for veterans. If you are a veteran and unable to find shelter, please contact us for more information.

Support Groups

Our support, therapy and wellness groups are facilitated by staff trained in trauma-informed care and experienced in working with veterans, military members and their families. Some of the groups we offer include:

  • Military Sexual Trauma Support Group
  • SMART (Self-Management and Recovery Training) Recovery Group
  • Veteran’s Caregiver Support Group
  • Veteran’s Family Recovery Support Group
  • Veteran's PTSD Support Group
  • Women's C.O.R.E. Support Group

Contact C.O.R.E. or call us at 1.844.LSS.CORE (1.844.577.2673).

Minnesota Department of Veterans Affairs

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C.O.R.E. Veterans Services

Bea was hospitalized due to life-altering injuries caused by a car accident. Doctors worked to stabilize the brain injury she sustained and help her cope with permanent vision loss. As a result of the accident and her injuries, she was lacking a steady income. Bea began falling deeper in debt and behind on taxes.
As the widow of a longtime U.S. Army intelligence officer, Bea found help through LSS Military and Veteran Services. A certified financial counselor helped Bea create a plan to pay off her debt and regain control of her finances.
But the most impactful, life-changing support, she said, came from an LSS Behavioral Health counselor who helped her refocus her perspective and find value in her life again. “He saved me,” Bea said.
C.O.R.E. Services Help Veteran’s Widow Reclaim Her Life