Personal & Community Fundraisers

Photo of a woman with disabilities receiving support from LSS. Personal & Community Fundraisers

Personal Fundraiser

Celebrate your special event by giving hope to others.

Request that your friends and relatives make a charitable donation in your honor in lieu of purchasing presents. Simply include a statement in your event invitation such as, “Please, no presents; however donations to Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota ( to support Minnesotans facing challenging times are appreciated.”

When a gift is made in honor of your special event, you will receive an acknowledgement letter so that you may thank your friends personally.

Host a Community Fundraising Event

If you are interested in self-hosting an event to benefit Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota (LSS) or a specific service area, we are happy to provide brochures and other educational materials.

Self-hosted events are not sponsored by LSS and should be presented as “proceeds to benefit Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota” or the specific service area of LSS. You collect any donations and send them to LSS. We will provide you with the appropriate tax documentation.

For more information, please contact us.


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