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Caregiver Coaching & Counseling

Caregiver Coaching and Counseling 

We provide personalized caregiver coaching and counseling services to equip family caregivers with the knowledge, skills and tools to develop caregiving skills, take care of their own personal needs and enrich their role as caregivers. For general inquiries about LSS Caregiver Support & Respite Services, call 866.787.9802.

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Caregiver and older adult women in a wheelchair outsideCaregiver Coaching

Caregiver coaching provides caregivers with additional tools to assist them in their caregiving role: 

  • Setting reasonable, realistic and attainable goals.
  • Developing effective coping skills.
  • Setting realistic boundaries.
  • Identifying areas in which they could use additional help.
  • Obtaining additional resources.
  • Affirming caregiver's strengths and accomplishments.

Certified caregiver coaches also assist families in developing coping skills, managing stress, planning for the future, asking for help, managing life transitions and making difficult decisions such as nursing home placement.   

Caregiver Counseling 

Caregiver counseling includes individual and family counseling to assist caregivers in making decisions, solving problems, family mediation and reducing stress. It may also include identifying needs, developing coping strategies, caregiver education and finding support and resources by providing: 

  • In-home coaching and counseling. 
  • Telephone reassurance. 
  • Family mediation. 

Mental Health Counseling 

LSS licensed therapists provide evidence-based treatment options for individuals, couples and families to help manage stress and depression, learn new coping skills and strengthen relationships. Contact a licensed therapist.

LSS is committed to serving all caregivers. Services may be covered by Elderly Waiver and Alternative Care (EWAC), long-term care insurance, Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) or health insurance providers. Services are available on a sliding fee basis for individuals without coverage. 

MNDVETLSS has been awarded a grant from the Minnesota Department of Veterans Affairs to help Veteran and military families throughout the state with contributions made through every purchase of a Support Our Troops License Plate.

Support Our Troops funds are being used by LSS for providing in-home counseling and coaching for immediate family members caring for Veterans and/or Veterans caring for their family members.



Caregiver Support & Respite

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