Youth & Young Adults

Youth & Young Adults

LSS helps keep youth and children safe and supports their healthy development by providing:

  • Early intervention and prevention services
  • Supportive shelters and housing options for youth experiencing homelessness
  • Services to restore and strengthen families

Volunteer Opportunities 
Career Opportunities

Services for Youth & Young Adults

Education & Groups

Skill development and peer support options for children, teens, teen parents, LGBTQIA2+ youth and survivors of sexual exploitation.

Financial Counseling

Offering nonjudgmental guidance and effective tools to support the financial wellness of individuals, families and organizations. Many services are free and available nationwide.

Foster Care

Safe and supportive temporary homes across Minnesota for children who need them.

Housing for Young Adults

Housing options include emergency and short-term shelter and longer-term housing in both supported apartment settings and with host home families.

Independent Living Skills

Services to help young people learn the skills they need to live on their own. These include basic life skills, relationship skills and employment skills.

Programs In Schools

Services to reduce truancy, empower children, advocate for adequate support in school, address family barriers and inspire students to take charge of their school success.

Teen Health

Education and support for teens to take care of their physical health and wellness, from drop-in services to sexual health education, pregnancy prevention and sex trafficking prevention.

Youth Camps

Unique camps designed to empower youth with special health needs and those who have experienced trauma through natural or environmental disasters.