Youth & Young Adults
Education & Groups

Education & Support Groups for Youth

Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota provides education and support groups for youth and young adults to assure they have resources available to them that will facilitate a successful future.

LSS STEAM Freedom School©

Through the LSS STEAM Freedom School©, children participate in free summer programming that builds academic skills through high-quality STEM education and summer reading activities. We have many exciting opportunities available within school. From registering your child in the LSS STEAM Freedom School © programming to applying for one of our summer job postings, there are many ways to join the Freedom School © movement!

Cherish All Children

We partner with churches and communities to prevent child sexual exploitation and trafficking. Cherish All Children offers presentations, resources and tools for adults and youth to promote healthy and safe relationships.

Education & Training Vouchers

We offer fiscal assistance to youth who have aged out of foster care and are approved for education and training vouchers.

Kids Resiliency Program

Asset building, strengths based programing that empower kids and youth by building on the skills they already have. Through coaching, counseling and peer connections, kids learn to overcome the challenges they face at home, school and in their communities.

Oh No! Eighteen (O.N.E.)

Support for youth transitioning from foster care to independence. Youth can participate in Independent Living Skills Training, Transition Planning and Youth Leadership Council. We focus on personal growth through goal setting, adventure based learning, team building skills and support networks.

Peer Education

Training for high school students to become Peer Educators who talk with classmates about sexual health and their goals for the future.

Sexual Health Education (SELF)

A pregnancy prevention program for youth that provides comprehensive sexuality education to promote healthy sexuality, communication and decision-making skills.

Student Achievement Program (SMASH)

SMASH is a high quality, after-school program in North Minneapolis that helps children excel in school and at home.

Survivors of Sexual Exploitation Program

This program provides support to youth and young adults up to age 24 who have been sexually exploited or trafficked.

Together for Youth (LGBTQIA2+)

An inclusive, supportive and welcoming group for LGBTQIA2+ youth that affirms the lives of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning and allied youth.

Youth Leadership Council

As a current or former foster youth, you can become a voice for other foster youth. Join our Youth Leadership Council to promote and educate about the foster care system and work for positive change.