Circle of Welcome

Welcoming Refugees

Circle of Welcome increases successful integration of refugee families arriving in the U.S. by creating meaningful ways for faith and community groups to engage with and walk alongside refugee families in service, friendship, and as advocates.

The program was started by Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service, a national organization transforming U.S. communities by ensuring that newcomers are not only self-sufficient but also become connected and contributing members of their adopted communities.

The Circle of Welcome has three models of engagement for volunteer teams, providing faith groups options that best fit their situation, depending on their location and desired level of engagement.

Each model requires a full year commitment, with a financial contribution from the participating group. The partnership between the local resettlement agency, the Circle of Welcome team, and the refugee family reinforce the long welcome as an essential component to the refugee’s successful integration.

If you are interested in learning more about Circle of Welcome, please contact us.