Deaf & Hard of Hearing Family Services

Deaf & Hard of Hearing Family Services

Family and friends sharing a meal together at a table

LSS’ Deaf & Hard of Hearing Family Services offers unbiased parent-to-parent support, instruction in American Sign Language (ASL), opportunities to develop relationships with successful deaf and hard of hearing adults and training in educational advocacy. 

These services are recognized as playing a critical role in the Minnesota Early Hearing Detection and Intervention System.


Deaf Mentor Family Services

LSS’ Deaf Mentor Family Services is comprised of three different programs: Deaf Mentor Family Program (DMFP), Snapshots and EMPOWER. All services are offered to families who have a deaf or hard of hearing (DHH) child.  Through a relaxed setting, Deaf mentors and role models introduce families to Deaf culture and community, self-advocacy, life as a DHH individual, American Sign Language and other communication techniques unique to DHH children.


Minnesota Hands and Voices

Minnesota Hands & Voices is a community of unbiased support for families with children who are deaf and hard of hearing (DHH). Our program is comprised of parents of children who are DHH, and adults who are DHH who share the same journey and commitment to helping a child meet their full potential. Parent Guides and DHH Guides support families by providing information about the full range of communication opportunities, resources, family-to-family connections, educational workshops, (including educational advocacy - ASTra) and networking opportunities. We support families regardless of their home language, using interpreters or a culturally specific guide as available.