Older Adults
LSS Friendly Helper

Older Adult being assisted by friendly helper Receive Support to Stay Connected and Get Assistance with Simple, Daily Tasks

LSS friendly helpers are trained and provide assistance for members, age 65 years and older, through their supplemental benefits.

LSS friendly helpers provide support with:

  • Social connection.
  • Grocery shopping/running errands.
  • Light household chores.
  • Review of materials from health plan or provider such as newsletters, surveys, benefit reminders.
  • Transportation.

This service takes place primarily in person. We also offer visits over the phone or virtually when preferred.

Each member is eligible to receive service in the amount that is outlined in your health plan's benefit guide. You and your friendly helper will decide upon a schedule once service begins.

The cost for service is covered by your health plan, and there is no additional cost to you. 


LSS Friendly Helper