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Support & Training for Foster Parents

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Fostering a child takes love, commitment and support. At LSS, we are with you every step of the way.

LSS Therapeutic foster care is a highly supportive, professional service geared to the best outcomes for foster children and your family.

You can expect the following support from LSS when you become a therapeutic foster parent:


Highly-Trained Team

An LSS team partners with you for the best outcomes for the child.

Understanding that out-of-home care is inherently traumatic, all foster children are assessed to determine goals that will best serve their needs.  Our staff are specifically trained in trauma-informed care and will help support goals for the child in your care, which may include personal development, social and emotional skills, communications skills and educational goals.

Foster parents are an integral part of the child's team. Foster parents meet quarterly with the child’s treatment team to review progress, coordinate support and update the plan as needed.

24/7 Support

LSS Foster Parents have 24-hours-a-day access to LSS staff in case of emergencies.

Clinical Support

LSS foster homes are assigned therapeutic professionals or skills workers to work in the home with you and the foster children in your care.  Clinical supervisors review all youth needs and consult with our professional staff, skills workers, and foster care coordinators.

Support Groups

Monthly support groups offer a wonderful opportunity to gain knowledge and support from other foster parents, build community and participate in training

Respite Care

All parents, including foster parents, need a break sometimes so that they can provide the care children need. LSS staff work with foster parents to arrange necessary respite care for foster children in qualified homes.


Our comprehensive training and high standards of care mean you can expect the support you need to be successful and children will have the stability and safety they need to thrive.

You will not be alone. We provide 30 hours of preplacement training for new families.

Required Training for Foster Families

All LSS Therapeutic Foster Care parents receive training in the following:

  • CPR / First Aid
  • Sudden Unexpected Infant Death (SUID) and Abusive Head Trauma (AHT)
  • Child restraint systems (CARS)
  • Normalcy & Reasonable Prudent Parenting
  • Crisis prevention and intervention de-escalation
  • Culture and diversity
  • Medication management
  • State-mandated reporting

Continuing Education and Community Training Opportunities

We also provide additional continuing education and training opportunities. Foster parents can earn continuing education credits by attending foster parent meetings and training session.

  • Training opportunities include:
    • Child development
    • Family systems
    • Children’s mental health and trauma-focused care
    • Providing structure and supervision
    • Home safety
    • Helping youth successfully transition to independence
    • How to access support when you need it
  • Monthly Foster parent support groups

LSS Therapeutic Foster Care Coordinators provide information about upcoming classes provided in the community:

  • Mental health diagnoses / dual diagnoses in children and youth
  • Attachment / bonding
  • Trauma / development repair
  • Independent living skills
  • Development and monitoring of treatment plans

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LSS Therapeutic Foster Care

"LSS gives me all the help I need. Jonelle makes me feel like I am her only foster home. We talk about placements and how the children will fit in our family and with the foster children we currently have. We consider our foster children our family and I feel like LSS and Jonelle are a part of our family, too."