Eviction Response Continues with New Help

Wednesday, July 03, 2019

Eviction Prevention ProjectCarrie Melbie planned to represent herself Monday morning when she showed up at the Olmsted County courthouse with an eviction notice.

Instead, she met Brian Lipford, an attorney with Southern Minnesota Regional Legal Services, who helped represent her regarding an eviction claim by her landlord.

Eviction Prevention Project holds clinics twice a week — Monday and Thursdays — offering free legal help to people in court facing eviction, but it’s a program that’s been running low on funds.

Karen Fairbairn Nath, executive director of Legal Assistance of Olmsted County, said a $50,000 grant from Mayo Clinic used to kick-start the program catering to low-income clients has run out, but work continues.

The legal aid organizations are not alone. Social workers from Olmsted County and Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota are on hand at clinics to ensure people have access to services needed to keep their homes, as well as resources that can put them on a better track.

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