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Children's Therapeutic Services

Whether you’re seeking services for a child, yourself or the entire family, LSS Children’s Therapeutic Services offers a wide variety of therapeutic services and supports.

Portland House

Portland House is a community-based service offering an alternative to incarceration and prison prevention for those ages 18 and older who identify as male.

Diagnostic Assessments & Psychological Testing

LSS  Behavioral Health services offers diagnostic assessments and evaluations to better understand how what you or a loved one are experiencing could be related to mental illness or a substance use disorder. Receiving a diagnosis may be necessary for insurance purposes, to receive prescriptions to treat behavioral issues or to evaluate if a child or individual has learning problems, learning disabilities or behavioral disorders like ADHD.

Early Childhood Mental HealthFamily laughing with infant

Children develop a lot in their early years, so our staff are trained to work with infants, children and their families from an early age. We provide assessments that will help you understand your child’s behavior, child-specific therapies and parent/guardian education.

Intensive In-Home Treatment

For families in crisis, our staff are able to provide Intensive In-Home Treatment to help you learn the skills needed to foster stronger relationships, improve communication and cope better with life’s challenges.

Mental Health Therapy (Individual and Family Therapy)

We have a team of compassionate, professional therapists and mental health staff who are dedicated to providing you and your family with high-quality services and support.

Military & Veterans Mental Health

Strengthening women and men of service and their families. LSS Behavioral Health Services offers a broad range of confidential services to veterans, service members, and their families.

Resiliency Programs

Based in Baxter, Princeton and St. Cloud, our Kids Resiliency and Youth Resiliency Services are asset building, strengths-based programs that empower youth by building on the skills they already have. Through coaching, counseling and peer connections, kids learn to overcome the challenges they face at home, school and in their communities.

Saving Grace – Sex Trafficked Youth

Saving Grace is a specialized foster care program for sex-trafficked youth under the age of 18.  We provide youth with safe housing and help them shape an individualized safety and life plan. We provide basic needs to help them find safe shelter and rebuild their lives, as well as help prevent other youth from falling prey to human traffickers.

Substance Use & Addictive Behaviors

We are a trusted partner on a difficult journey, offering comprehensive assessment, customized treatment and coordinated referrals to individuals who may be experiencing signs of substance abuse.  Counseling and support are also available to family members.

Therapeutic Foster Care

LSS Therapeutic Foster Care strives to give children in transition a safe and supportive place to live and grow while moving children and families toward permanency.


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