Youth & Young Adults
Teen Health

Teen Health Services

Woman smilingLSS offers several safety, education and health resources to support teens in their communities.

Sex Trafficking Prevention and Services

We offer outreach services for youth who have been sexually exploited in several Minnesota locations. LSS also provides training for street outreach workers who focus on sex trafficking prevention.  

Sexual Health Education (SELF)

Sexual health is important to the wellbeing of youth throughout their lives. We offer a comprehensive sexual health and teen pregnancy prevention program called Seeing and Exploring Life’s Future (SELF).

Duluth Teen Health Center

Our free teen health center offers services and resources for youth who are at-risk or experiencing homelessness. Health professionals that we partner with provide physical exams, vaccinations, STI screening and pregnancy prevention support. The center offers care for various issues, including earaches, colds, rashes, urinary tract infections and sprains.