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Kinship Supportive Family

Are you raising a relative's or friend's child?

You are not alone.

We can help.

LSS Kinship Family Support Services provides education, information and compassionate support for families seeking resources in raising a relative's or friend's child.

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Caregiver Resources

Find links to financial, legal, health care and caregiving resources that families commonly request.

Support Groups, Live Webinars & Events

Our support and education groups, webinars and events provide a safe and empathetic environment where you can be among others who understand the challenges of kinship caregiving.  We also offer a variety of topics throughout the year.

Kinship Warmline: Phone, Email & One-to-One Support

Our knowledgeable staff can connect you with valuable resources through the statewide phone Warmline, by email, or through one-on-one consultations Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

On-Demand Webinars

Take advantage of free, on-demand webinars that provide kinship caregivers with resources to understand the kinship family experience, its challenges, and how to support the health and wellness of caregivers and children.

Support Family Support Services

Please consider a charitable gift in support of Kinship Family Support Services. When you give today, you provide compassionate case management, education and resources to families in need.



LSS Kinship Family Support Services are funded in part, under contract with Trellis, as part of the Older Americans Act Program. These services are also funded in partnership with the Minnesota Department of Human Services.  LSS support of program participants will not be denied due to inability to pay. Your privacy and confidentiality with any of our services is protected.

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Kinship Family Support Services