Anti-Racism & Social Justice

Anti-Racism & Social Justice

LSS Stand on Anti-Racism

Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota recognizes that race does matter and that living in a racialized society has implications on multiple levels: individuals, cultural, institutional and societal.

Racism is systemic and traditional patterns and practices that discriminate against many racial and ethnic groups in a way that is so pervasive that it is often invisible. Racism, like other “-isms”, causes pain and humiliation and has far-reaching consequences. It prevents equality in social services, education, jobs, housing, health care and immigration opportunities.

LSS is committed to the removal of barriers that sustain racism through organizational change and the development and implementation of anti-racist practices and programs.


LSS Policy on Anti-Racism

Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota:

  • Promotes a culturally competent and diverse workplace which respects and reflects the people and community we serve.
  • Actively fosters an environment that is free of racism, discrimination, bias and harassment where all individuals are treated with dignity, safety and hope.
  • Does not tolerate prejudice, racism, discrimination or harassment of any kind on an organizational or personal level. LSS will identify, confront and eliminate barriers that may prevent people of LSS from participating fully in the organization and the larger community.
  • Is committed to awareness and appreciation for racial diversity and social justice. We support the understanding that people from diverse racial and diverse socicommunities contribute to the growth, enrichment and strength of LSS and the larger community.
  • Promotes full inclusiveness for all races, languages, faiths and cultures. LSS takes responsibility to ensure that the communities we serve and the members of our organization see themselves valued and reflected within the organization.


LSS Stands with the Transgender Community

LSS stands with the transgender community (PDF)