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For Churches

Your Faith Community can make a difference to keep young people safe! We have been working with churches since 2005, supporting them with education, tools and actions to keep children safe from the dangers of sexual exploitation and trafficking.

We believe we are called as people of faith to work together on this issue, first by becoming educated and opening these conversations with adults and youth in our churches. This allows us to go forward together supporting youth in healthy ways, working in our own communities to shift cultural influences that put youth at risk, and to act responsibly in the movement to end commercial sexual exploitation.

Women with books for childrenHow Do We Get Started?

One person can get things started in your church as a Cherish All Children contact, or a group of people can work together as a Cherish All Children Team, engaging your community in ways to raise healthy generations free from sexual exploitation.

We can connect with you for a virtual meeting or presentation to get started!

Safe and Healthy Relationships Youth and Leader's Guide

This four-session guide is designed for middle school and high school youth groups to support them in gaining lifelong skills in both online and in-person relationships. The leader's guide provides detailed instructions for youth leaders, pastors or other church leaders to facilitate these four sessions. Cherish All Children is also available to support you in leading these sessions.


Access our Wednesday Prayer, prayer booklets and other prayer resources for your church or small group.

Safe Church Policies

Find resources to support child safety policies within your church, honoring the commitment to provide a safe and secure environment for children and youth.

Youth & Confirmation Groups

We can all support youth to help them navigate the influences of culture and society. Having a safe space to talk about these things in our churches is key to prevention. Trainings, such as Safe and Healthy Relationships, empower them to make healthy relationship decisions and stay safe from exploitation.