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Reverse Host Homes
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Reverse Host Homes:

Supporting Individuals in Their Own Homes

While most individuals supported by host homes live in the provider’s home, LSS Host Homes also supports Reverse Host Homes: when the provider moves into a home owned or leased by the individual looking for support and/or their family. 

If the person supported or their family owns the home, LSS recruits a provider that is interested in moving in. In some cases, the provider might already be known by the person supported and their family. Otherwise, LSS supports recruitment through outreach and matching activities.

Once a match has been made, then the provider can begin the adult foster care (AFC) licensing process. The provider and person supported would need to have a lease agreement with the provider’s name on the lease, which is required for them to get their AFC license. While the licensing process is underway, we work with the provider on enrollment and training activities so that once their AFC license is received, they can begin providing services as a Host Home provider.


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Reverse Host Homes: Hannah

Wright County

I am Hannah, and I am 30 years old. I live in Albertville with my parents, but they will be transitioning out of the home. I would like to find someone to share their life with me in my home full-time as my Host Home provider. I like to have fun and be silly, but I need help to experience life, be successful, and the best version of myself.  

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