Older Adults
Personal Finances & Estate Planning

Estate Planning & Financial Services for Older Adults


LSS offers a wide range of services to help older adults achieve financial wellness and to protect their financial assets. Our person-centered services are designed to preserve the integrity, independence and well-being of individuals.

Estate Planning Services 

Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota has the breadth of services and the professional, trustworthy experience to help you with your legal, medical and financial affairs.  

Health Care Agency

Ensure your medical care decisions are followed by appointing Lutheran Social Service as your Health Care Agent.

Personal Representative of the Estate

Designate LSS as your Personal Representative of the Estate and rest assured the requests outlined in your will are honored.

Power of Attorney

As your appointed Power of Attorney, LSS will manage your legal and financial affairs if you become unable to do so.

Reverse Mortgage Counseling

LSS financial counselors offer objective guidance and education if you are considering a reverse mortgage to supplement your income.

Supported Decision Making

Supported Decision Making services include Health Care Agency, Personal Representative of the Estate and Power of Attorney. With LSS’ Supported Decision Making services, you can make your own decisions – now and in the future.


Additional Financial Services

Financial Counseling 

LSS Financial Counseling offers a wide range of services to support older adults in achieving financial wellness. These include support that allows individuals to remain living at home, financial counseling on reverse mortgages, credit, budgeting and debt, student loans and more.

Fiscal Management Services

PICS (Partners in Community Supports) offers financial and technical support for individuals and families who choose to self-direct their own support structures and remain in their own communities.

Guardianship & Conservatorship 

LSS Guardians are appointed by the court to provide Guardianship and Conservatorship services to adults who need help making decisions regarding their health care, living situation and/or finances. 

Home Energy Assistance  

The Energy Assistance Program provides an important resource to help income-eligible households manage their utility bills. This service is funded by the State of Minnesota. 

Identity Theft & Fraud Prevention 

Learn the basics on identity theft and how you can protect yourself. 

Pooled Trust 

A Pooled Trust is a financial investment tool used to preserve funds that will enhance the quality of life for individuals with disabilities. Establishing a Pooled Trust can help protect eligibility for public benefits.