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Student Achievement Program (SMASH)

Student Movement to Achieve in School & Home (SMASH)

SMASH is a high-quality after school program in NorthYouth visiting Farmers Market Minneapolis that helps children excel in school and at home.

With a culturally-responsive curriculum, youth focus on personal development and learn about the connection between academic achievement, skill-building and future career success.

Youth have opportunities to receive support for standardized test preparation, explore college and career opportunities, learn life skills, and participate in a variety of recreational and service learning projects.

All activities are designed to help youth develop essential skills to pursue their futures with confidence.

Our Goals:

  • Inspire students to take charge of their academic success
  • Connect youth to community assets and safe spaces within their neighborhood that promote well-being, future planning and building youth leadership skills
  • Help youth build social and emotional intelligence, and good decision-making skills
  • Support behavioral, emotional and physical health in youth
  • Foster parent involvement through outreach, education and advocacy

SMASH is free and now operating in an online youth group format. We are happy to welcome new youth during this time.

Watch our video showcasing the importance of sexuality education, featuring youth who have participated in Student Movement to Achieve in School & Home (SMASH) programming with the LSS SELF team.

In the video youth talk about the importance of healthy relationships, consent, communication and how SELF’s work provides them with the tools to pursue their goals. You will also hear from LSS SELF team members and other youth workers as they describe the value of accessible, relevant and meaningful sexuality education for everyone.


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