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Managing Your Pooled Trust

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As trustee, LSS has responsibility for carrying out the purpose of the trust, which is to supplement and not replace public benefits, and to support individuals with disabilities in improving their quality of life.

LSS Pooled Trust Investment Practices

LSS Pooled Trust funds are managed by a reputable and highly-rated investment firm chosen by LSS based on its financial stability, management fees and proven track record of achieving earnings for participants.  
LSS Pooled Trust maintains a separate sub-account for each individual. The sub-account maintains records of each individual’s contributions, expenditures and costs.

The trust funds are pooled with other sub-accounts for the purposes of investment and management of funds.

By pooling the funds of all of our participants for investment and management purposes, the administrative expenses of these trusts are frequently lower than those of individual trust accounts.

LSS Pooled Trust Management

Ensuring that each individual remains eligible for public benefits is an essential function of a Pooled Trust. Those key benefits are the foundation of independence and stability for people with disabilities.

Placing funds into the Pooled Trust and having a knowledgeable Trustee oversee the trust expenditure and purchases ensures funds are used solely for the financial wellbeing of participants. Our work is to ensure that public benefits are protected, and that each individual is appropriately and financially supported through a combination of public benefits and their own financial means.

Accessing Your Pooled Trust Funds

Accessing your Pooled Trust funds is easy. Funds are typically disbursed within 10 business days.

Individual submits request

Requests can be submitted by phone, email or in writing.  LSS employees take an active role in identifying the needs of each individual we serve.

Request is reviewed for compliance

Requests are reviewed by a knowledgeable LSS Pooled Trust specialist for legal compliance to ensure the funds will be used for goods and/or services not covered by the public benefits and in the best interests of the individual. The decision of the LSS Trustee is final.


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