Cooking Cheap and Healthy Meals with Friends in the Kitchen

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Eager cooks of all ages gather at the St. Peter Co–op every third Tuesday of the month to learn a little about healthy cooking while still being conscious about the almighty budget.

“We have four recipes that we print out and we usually cook three of them. The last one is a simple supper that you can throw together in five minutes,” said Stephanie Hailperin, founder of Friends in the Kitchen, a service by LSS and the St. Peter Co-op.

On today's menu: rhubarb thyme chicken, rhubarb lemon rosemary spritzer and apple pie tacos.

Hailperin says students in the class have really allowed themselves to be creative; something she’s not sure would have happened three years ago when the program first started.

“People are more adventurous in the seasonings," said Hailperin. "In the first class if I would have proposed rhubarb thyme chicken I don’t think anyone would have eaten it.”

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