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Care for Survivors

Care for Survivors of Sex TraffickingTeenager looking off into the distance.

LSS offers outreach services and support for Minnesota youth who have experienced sex trafficking or been sexually exploited. In many areas we provide health services, connect youth to safe housing.  The goal is for youth to not only leave the dangers of the commercial sex trade, but to start new, healthy and productive lives.

Minnesota Regional Navigators (East Central and South Central Minnesota)

Navigators connect youth and young adults who have been sexually exploited to housing, mental health support, employment and education resources, necessities to meet one’s basic needs, caring adults, legal services, advocacy, health care and other community resources.

Saving Grace (Brainerd)

A scattered site transitional service for survivors of sex trafficking. Saving Grace provides youth 24 years old or younger with safe independent housing, life planning, and provides basic needs.

Sex Trafficking Education (Metro)

Offering training opportunities for outreach workers who focus on working with youth who have been sexually exploited. We also equip congregations with educational tools and resources.

Survivors of Sexual Exploitation Program (Metro)

Assists youth or young adults up to age 24 who have been sexually exploited or trafficked.