Refugee Services

Refugee Services

Minnesota has a long and proud tradition of helping refugees find safety and establish new lives in our community, dating back to World War II.

Today’s refugees come from many parts of the world, including Afghanistan, Burma (Myanmar), Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ethiopia, Iraq, and Somalia. While the countries change over the years, the human needs are the same. Refugee families we serve have escaped war, religious persecution and violence in their homes — living through what most of us could not imagine, including starvation, desperation in refugee camps and sickness with limited to no medical care.

When refugees arrive in Minnesota, they come with very little — usually what they can fit in a suitcase and the clothes they are wearing. They need a place to live, a job to sustain their families and emotional support to recover from losses and traumatic experiences they have endured.


For more information or to learn how you can help refugees:

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St. Cloud: 2835 W St. Germain Street, Suite 550, St. Cloud, MN 56304 | 320.251.7700

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About Refugees & Asylees

Refugees provide valuable contributions as entrepreneurs, consumers and taxpayers. Find resources that provide insight into refugee resettlement and trends in the plight of refugees worldwide.

Services for Refugees

We help resettle refugees, provide low-cost immigration legal services and work with community groups to create greater understanding, bridge cultures and support refugees.

Support Refugees

There are many ways you can make a direct difference and positively impact the life of refugee families, including Circle of Welcome, Direct Action Teams and In-Kind opportunities.

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