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Emergency Care Planning for Caregivers

Emergency Care Planning for Caregivers 

Who would support your loved one if you were suddenly unavailable or unable? LSS Caregiver Support & Respite helps caregivers put a plan in place in case a crisis or emergency happens.



  • Equips family and friends who step-in to assure they have the information they need to care for the individual 
  • Creates unity and teamwork within the family and support members
  • Encourages open communication
  • Provides education and resources for the family and support team 

Services Include:

  •  An in-depth assessment of your unique needs and support to create a plan
  •  Family/support team meetings 
  •  Follow-up every 90 days to review the plan 
  •  Referrals to additional resources

Emergency Care Plans Include:

  •  Contacts who are available to assist if a crisis occurs
  •  Person-centered plan that respects the wishes of the individual receiving care
  •  Follow-up every 90 days to review the plan 
  •  Detailed information that is crucial for the person stepping in to provide care

Appointments are available in person, as well as by phone or video chat.

How to Get Started

Call toll free at 866.787.9802 or email caregiverservices@lssmn.org.

This service is supported by the Minnesota Department of Veterans Affairs (MDVA), Minnesota Board on Aging and the Great Plains Senior Services Collaborative.