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Caregiver Technology Service

Caregiver Technology Service

When you are caring for a loved one, it can be hard to meet with others or find what you need. Our technology service is your answer to connecting virtually to our services.

How it Works:

  • FamilyContact us to talk about your caregiving situation and needs.
  • Receive training for your caregiving needs.
  • Use your own tablet and/or smart phone, or borrow one of our tablets.  
  • Connect online at home, on the go or at work during your lunch break.
  • Anyone can participate. Our coaching and counseling fees are affordable and income-based. 


  • Reduce stress.
  • Find free online discussion and support groups. 
  • Solve problems, grow your caregiving skills, find resources and practice self-care. 
  • Video chat with friends and family members. 
  • Family group mediation to assist in managing a challenging illness, situation or transition.

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