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Portland House

Portland House

Alternative to Incarceration Service

Portland House is a community-based service offering an alternative to incarceration and prison prevention for those ages 18 and older who identify as male.

Since 1973, we have served thousands of men and support them as they develop meaningful employment and community interaction. Our strengths-based program emphasizes empowering men to learn new skills that promote healthy social interactions, reconnection to the community, family reunification, financial stability, health, positive well-being, healing and goal-setting skills.

This Minneapolis residential service specializes in working with individuals to help them establish positive relationships in the community. This is achieved through self-analysis and group dynamics that support responsible choices, clear direction and clear goals. These processes intentionally use social learning theories to build healthy connections and motivation. Portland House receives referrals from adult correctional departments, agencies or the courts, and is funded through the Minnesota Department of Corrections and the seven metropolitan counties.


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Portland House - Alternative to Incarceration Service